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Ready for Change? Get Some Ideas from Home Builders in Lancaster, PA

A flight of stairs that’s starting to get dangerous, having more kids, or simply just being tired of how everything looks: the reasons for remodeling are manifold. Usually, Pennsylvanians remodel their properties to make it reflective of their aesthetic desires, to make it safer and more enjoyable, or to increase its resale value and command …


Lancaster, PA Home Builders Can Help with Vehicle Protection and Other Useful Space

Home additions for Lancaster, PA homes, such as a brand new garage or an extension of an existing one, require much thought and planning. Considerations such as the cost it will likely incur, or its feasibiliy, must also be determined, especially if space is already an issue as it is. Then again, a garage is …


Dream Big: Home Expansion with the Help of Lancaster, PA Home Builders

Families grow and pretty soon your home may not seem as large as it was. You may think your only option is to move out and buy a house. However, why not consider adding a room or two instead? Lancaster PA home builders like Leid’s Carpentry have the experience to give your home some additions …


Front Porches: Lancaster, PA Home Additions that Boost Curb Appeal

Home life in Pennsylvania’s Red Rose City can be filled with simple pleasures, but for many people, a home just isn’t complete without one or two features that bolster curb appeal and leave a favorable impression on visitors and passers-by—such as the front porch, for instance. Even reliable home builders in Lancaster, PA like Leid’s …


Trusted Home Builders in Lancaster, PA Undertake Safe Home Additions

A typical home consists of load-bearing and non-load bearing structural components. The former carry both their own weight and the weight of other connected components, while the latter carry only their own weight.