Dream Big: Home Expansion with the Help of Lancaster, PA Home Builders

Families grow and pretty soon your home may not seem as large as it was. You may think your only option is to move out and buy a house. However, why not consider adding a room or two instead? Lancaster PA home builders like Leid’s Carpentry have the experience to give your home some additions that can meet your family’s needs and desires. However, before considering a home expansion there are some things you should do. First, a visit to the architect is what Geoff William’s recent article on U.S. News suggests:

Home Addition

“You may not need their complete services, but I think a lot of people make the mistake of going to a builder first and not getting at least a consultation with an architect first,” Andreozzi says. He adds that it’s important to build something that will look and feel like part of the house – not something that’s tacked on. “You want to think of the resale value. Someday when you sell the house, if 100 families go through, you want 98 or 99 people to say of the room, ‘Yes, this works for me,’ as opposed to it being something esoteric,” he says.

A visit to an architect (or typically more cost-effective and just as qualified residential designer) will also give you an idea of how much you’ll probably need to spend on the addition. This will guide the rest of the project; the projected costs can help determine whether your savings will be enough or you will have to take out a loan. Moreover, you will need to add a safety margin – you’ll probably be spending extra in case anything goes wrong during construction, or for last-minute design changes. This is also the time when you can think of ways to cut down on costs like what materials to use and the location of your addition. An example is that you can probably save 25 to 30 percent of the total cost if your additional room is in the basement.

After you’ve determined that you’ve got the cash for the project and have a solid budget, you’ll need to get some permits and be aware of the local building codes. Experienced home builders in Lancaster PA can guide you on which permits are needed, as well as help you ensure that your building passes a local building inspection. Additionally, they can draw up formal plans if the local government needs them.

The final thing you should consider is the timetable. It will take time to construct an addition. A schedule will help in ensuring it is done on time and can minimize the inconvenience it will cause. Make sure your construction project is also timed so as not to be delayed by the weather and other elements.

(Source: 4 Questions to Consider Before Adding Onto Your Home, U.S. News, September 17, 2014)