Front Porches: Lancaster, PA Home Additions that Boost Curb Appeal

Home life in Pennsylvania’s Red Rose City can be filled with simple pleasures, but for many people, a home just isn’t complete without one or two features that bolster curb appeal and leave a favorable impression on visitors and passers-by—such as the front porch, for instance. Even reliable home builders in Lancaster, PA like Leid’s Carpentry understand the beauty and function that a deck or porch can offer.

Design Tips

Why a Porch?

Generally, your home’s porch is its calling card—that one feature that gives onlookers a nice first glimpse into your lifestyle without actually showing any part of the interiors. The way you arrange and maintain your porch also serves as a preview of how efficiently you manage your entire household.

Portal to the House

Here’s what contributor Gretchen Roberts has to say about the main function of a front porch:

[A] small porch that functions as transitional space into the house itself should echo the overall style of your home.

This means that the porch, with what little space is made available for it, should reflect the theme of your interiors so that everything appears cohesive. After all, it can be rather disconcerting to walk up to a porch with a rather vintage feel only to end up inside a modern-looking room.


In more ways than one, your porch is the most creative part of your house. While other exterior parts of your home like your roof and your siding are primarily about function, a porch can showcase the beauty and elegance of your home’s overall architecture. As such, you need to put a lot of thought as to which columns, railings, roof beams, and other additions go into its construction.


Did you know that you can dress your porch up for quite a number of purposes as well? Turn it into an outdoor kitchen, put in a grill and a couple of countertops, set up a picnic table in the yard or even just a small, intimate table setup within the porch itself, and you’ve got yourself a pretty nice venue for barbecues and romantic al fresco dinner dates.

Whether it’s for a porch or any other home additions in Lancaster, PA, make sure you trust only a reliable company like Leid’s Carpentry. Moreover, it’s also important to choose only quality materials that won’t end up requiring repairs or replacements before long.

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