Lancaster, PA Home Builders Can Help with Vehicle Protection and Other Useful Space

Home additions for Lancaster, PA homes, such as a brand new garage or an extension of an existing one, require much thought and planning. Considerations such as the cost it will likely incur, or its feasibiliy, must also be determined, especially if space is already an issue as it is. Then again, a garage is the perfect place to store anything you don’t want to place in your house or attic, like flammable or toxic substances. Moreover, it provides a perfect place for you to do large home projects, like building furniture, safely and without disturbance.

Garage Addition

One of these other important considerations in building a garage, according to Jeanne Huber’s article for House Logic, is whether it should be attached to the house:

One big decision is whether to attach the garage to your house or build it as a separate structure. An attached garage usually costs less, and it wins on convenience. You stay dry, save footsteps, and it’s easier to use part of the space as a pantry, mudroom, laundry area, or other extension of your house. If you’re concerned about security, an attached garage lets you tap an opener and drive right in without setting foot outside.

Some people prefer a detached garage, though, since it can keep away the fumes and dust of all the work you do in the garage.

Another thing worth considering when thinking of building a garage is whether or not it can fit in your property. Depending on how much space you have, your plans for the garage may change. Moreover, your local zoning laws may have particular guidelines on its size limitations, material requirements, and drainage specifications. Local home builders in Lancaster, PA like Leid’s Carpentry would know these requirements and they can guide you on how to meet them.

Finally, you’ll have to consider the number of your cars, among the other intended uses. Some families have two or more cars, i.e., one for dad, one for mom, and one for the kids when they get their driver’s license, is how it often goes. Sometimes, it’s one big van for hauling the entire family and a single car to drive to work. A single-car garage is different from a two-car model based on space and driveway requirements. Take this into consideration when planning your garage.

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