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Home Additions & Remodeling

in Myerstown, Pennsylvania

Leid’s Carpentry is a design/ build company in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, specializing in all types of building and construction services. Come to us for quality home renovations. Best of all, because we have lower operating costs, and we are able to pass the savings on to you.

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Take Advantage Of Your Home Builders Experience And Expertise When Planning Your New Home Addition or Remodeling Project

10 years of hands-on experience operating a construction company focusing on remodeling and home additions in Lebanon PA – and the surrounding areas – has invaluably taught me how things need to properly work together assuring a more smooth flowing project. Both for the homeowner and the contractor.

Along with a qualified builder you want to be able to create a unique and personally meaningful design that fits 3 other important and very specific criteria: 1) your needs 2) your desires and 3) your budget.

Satisfactorily blending all these components together is what we would like to help you accomplish.

A long time ago I realized that building a team that works well together provides much better long-term results than trying to do everything myself..

The real challenge.

It can be challenging for the homeowner and contractor to clearly understand each other regarding the desired end result during the earliest discussions.

On one hand, homeowners tend to visualize the end result, but can have difficulty articulating what they are envisioning; and sometimes honestly just aren’t aware of the cost of things, especially related to job site involvement.

Contractors on the other hand, walk a fine line of promising what is possible based upon the client’s budget, while still allowing for overhead and ethical profits. Understandably, it is easy to see how tensions occur over perceived inflated pricing and “cookie-cutter production” versus legitimate business practices.

The practical and workable solution.

The solution we’ve hit upon that works best in solving these issues includes working with a qualified planner. (No offense, but I don’t mean a draftsman working in-house for the builder doing his bidding.)

Here at Leid’s Carpentry, we’re strategically partnered with an independent home designer bridging the gap between contractor efficiency and homeowners’ unique collection of desires, needs and budgets for over 20 years.

Together we’ve created what we call “Pre-Preliminary Plans” for your benefit!

Before spending a penny up front, you get a simple but very insightful set of drawings that showcases extremely important benefits:

  1. Providing you with helpful visual aids revealing how your finished project will look.
  2. Provides common talking points for the homeowner and contractor to discuss changes and/or potential problem areas (floorplan layouts, price options of features, etc.) in a visually connecting way.
  3. Provides a much more solid framework for the contractor quoting the project estimate, than from a handful of magazine pictures and three conversations.
  4. You will – at the least – better understand your project and its possibilities, even if you choose not to have us do the building.
  5. Or, when deciding to go ahead with us, these Pre-Preliminary Plans will scale up much faster into a construction-ready set, compared to starting from scratch. This helps speed up the start date for actual construction.

We know what it takes to get your project done right. It starts with a consultation at your place, seeing what your ideas and dreams are. Then we follow up with a FREE estimate and preliminary plans if needed. We try and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on your project, before you commit any money to your project. Nothing like having all the info & options available before making a big decision on your ideas and dreams!

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Home Additions & Renovations

Transform your existing home sweet home into an even better home with an addition or renovation. Leid’s Carpentry can help you sort thru your ideas and dreams.

Basement Finishing

We think basements are great for much more than storage space. Entertainment, recreation, and family spaces are only the beginning. See our gallery for a few small ways we’ve been making dreams into reality.


Leid’s Carpentry specializes in many kinds of home remodeling, construction, and pole buildings. From major additions to patio roofs, porches, decks, new roofs, new siding, windows and doors. We can help you with your complete kitchen or bathroom remodel, or maybe you are looking to finish out your basement, or you need a new shop or garage